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Looking back at 2020 – Slovenia

As is practically a tradition, in early 2021 we publish analyses of last year’s events from the pens of our comrades from Croatia and the region. In the next few days and weeks we will publish articles on workers’ struggles and the political situation in Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia in 2020, which we believe will […]

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Looking back at 2020 – Bulgaria

The following text is an analysis of last years’ events and workers’ struggles in Bulgaria, written by a fellow communist militant from that country. Bulgarian workers haven’t won anything, yet The times are changing and we are changing with them. The COVID-19 pandemic – an unparalleled event of terrifying continuance — marked those times and, […]

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Looking back at 2019 – Croatia

If 2018 in Croatia was marked by „ideological“ protests and political initiatives, 2019 was without a doubt defined by workers’ movements. Already in January a strike broke out in the Same Deutz Fahr Žetelice combine harvester factory in Županja, demanding a 750 kuna (100€) wage increase, and extra pay for special working conditions. Županja is […]

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Workers in the framework of identity politics

The following is a translation of our 2016 article, Radnici u okviru identitetskih politika: The inclusion of the worker identity into theories of identity politics is present in Europe and America for decades. The most prominent LGBT platform in Croatia, Zagreb Pride, publically joined that school of thought in 2014 when it recognized that some […]

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Notes on the transition to communism

Naš članak o tranziciji iz kapitalizma u komunističku ekonomiju, originalno objavljen u američkom internacionalističkom časopisu Intransigence početkom srpnja 2018. Članak će krajem ovog ljeta biti preveden na hrvatski. Communist treatments of the transition between capitalist society and communism are not as numerous as one might perhaps imagine. Despite the importance of the subject, it seems […]

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My Political Journey: On Left Communism and Isolation in 21st Century (Svjetska revolucija, 2015)

Following text has been taken from short lived Croatian communist collective Svjetska revolucija (World Revolution). It is important to state how the following text represents the view of one member in our collective and is not necessarily the views of the collective as whole. Even though we tend to publish material that represents the collective […]